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vivster said:

What kind of balance are you talking about? One side wants to save humans the other side wants to kill humans. Wanna balance that out and kill only half of the people? How about trying to save as many as possible instead? Serial killers deserve neither respect nor tolerance. If you don't stop killers they will just kill again.

The fear that the left will somehow take everything over and rule with an iron fist is completely unfounded. The left will never rule because it has to fight against human nature and the most powerful apolitical enemies in corporations. The only way to keep things "balanced" is to throw everything to the left in the hopes something will stick. Giving one inch to the right will mean losing 10 inches.

It's also harder, if not impossible, to grow cults on the side of science and facts.

Scientology is still around :p Although it only has science in the name haha.

Killing half the people is not a bad idea, as long as its the bad half ;)

It would be nice if people would focus on the problems at hand instead of on who is trying to solve them. I guess there is an advantage to a one party system, no room to squabble about left or right. Two party systems feel too much like divide and conquer. Perhaps we should have some form of anti trust laws for government, no one party can have more than 30% of the representation in government. Split up or be capped. Perhaps then people will be more confident to vote on a different party. Got to get rid of the 'first past the post' electoral system nonsense first.