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mk7sx said:

I guess NPD cracked down on leaks with the start of the new gen. No numbers for a few months now aside from Nintendo's own PR in Oct/Nov.

Possibly. Although last January someone divulged figures for the whole June-Dec. period of 2019 near the end of that month. Hopefully that happens again. *sigh* I wish the NPD would go back to the good old days of the 00s where they'd regularly dish out hardware numbers and even a lot of software numbers themselves. Now they treat it like a matter of national security. If only Famitsu would start tracking U.S. sales...

Well, since we at least have a general idea of what the Switch did for December, I'm going to update my charts. Figures for December may be off by a couple of pixels from the actual figure for obvious reasons, but if and when we get the actual numbers it shouldn't make a huge difference. I'll post them some time after work tomorrow.


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