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EspadaGrim said:

Part of me wishes that the next COD and Battlefield get delayed so that Halo Infinite will be the only big FPS game this Holiday. Also Starfield is 100% 2022 and I see Stalker being delayed too.

Honestly would be kind of strange for Starfield to be 2022. I don't think most people realize how long it has been in development for. This is what Todd Howard said about Starfield in 2018:

"We've [Bethesda Game Studios] been talking about it for a decade, we started putting things on paper five, six years ago, and active development was from when we finished Fallout 4, so two and a half, three years."

In other words, Starfield already has 5 years of active development, a year and a half more than any previous Bethesda game got, with their largest dev team ever. The man hours put into Starfield already far exceed any of their previous games.

Now there were rumors that they decided to move Starfield from a lightly modified build of Fallout 4's Creation engine to the new, mostly rebuilt version of Creation that Bethesda is doing for Elder Scrolls 6, that was round about mid 2019 when those rumors hit, which would have slowed development some while they transferred what they had already built to the new engine and improved upon the graphics, but still, Starfield will hit 6 years of active development by November 2021.