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Question to non-Americans. Do you think your educational system taught an accurate representation of your own countries history?

In my conversation with people from other countries, there is this belief (rightfully so) that Americans are taught a propagandized version of U.S. history that ignores many of the negative aspects. To be clear I am not refuting this and there is clear evidence this is true.

However, what I find is that many people do not know much about their own countries' negative past and seem to have been taught a propagandized version of their history. If they do know the negative aspects of their history, they often downplay it telling me it was not as bad as the Americans are taught.

I am by no means an expert on world history but I do find it fascinating and took numerous courses in college. It is clear that when taught world history in the U.S. there is a focus on the terrible things that happened. That generally seems to be the focus of most history classes from my experience.


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