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twintail said:

So I recently finished Knack 2 and I have to say that I think it's a good sign that we can expect some great things from Studio Japan for the PS5.
It's not a perfect game. But when you consider the improvements over the first (virtually every way); the fact that it is fun to play; and how long it is (maybe to a fault), I think it's clear that the PS4 gen has been a stage of establishing the base for hopefully bigger and better things to come.

I don't think Knack 3 is on the cards (which I feel is a bit of a pity because there's still room for improvement) but I can definitely see Studio Japan getting 2 major internal releases out for the PS5. Maybe 3.

imho Japan Studios improved a lot from PS3 times to PS4 even though I did love Pupetteer.

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