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Cobretti2 said:

The biggest issue is they should jsut give larger carts to devs at a cheaper cost so we don't end up with half physical releases. That is a big turn off in sales with games liek 2k sports and EA games

They should also make indy collections published by them. I

You'd end up with half-physical releases anyway, because this is a third party problem. Like when Capcom couldn't be bothered to put all Mega Man games on a card at a time when an 8 GB card was as cheap as a Blu-ray disc; they opted for a smaller card for the sake of saving some pennies. By the time 16 GB cards were cheap, certain third parties still chose a smaller capacity. But none of this should surprise you when you watch those same companies stuff microtransactions etc. into their games.

On topic: No, if third parties want to sell more copies of their games, they should advertise their own games more. It's not Nintendo's job to make other companies rich.

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