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SvennoJ said:
Ka-pi96 said:

Red Dead wasn't even a 2020 game. Shouldn't have won!

How is Death Stranding though? Won an award for it's gameplay, but all the pictures/videos of seen just make it look boring. Is it actually ok and worth playing?

It depends how much you like exploration and route finding. It's on odd cross between a survival game and transport tycoon. Except you're the one doing all the transporting. Progression comes from being able to carry more stuff, carry stuff faster, combining shipments, using hubs as distribution centers. It all sounds very boring, but it's addictive to nail those perfect marks on all deliveries. Plus it looks stunning, exploring the snowy mountains is amazing.

Oh, there's also the standard Kojima blah blah and shootie bang bang stuff in between :)

It kept me busy for a long time, both off-line (first) and online. Online is a lot less work though!

I'm kinda interested in trying it. Missed the sale this time (plus have a huge backlog), but maybe one day.