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Bandorr said:

That is a very odd quiz...
Feels like it has a massive right-leaning bent to it.
And a specially aggressive religious one.

The questions are also pretty damn vague.
"The state should not set a minimum wage" is lacking in context. Does that mean there should be a federal one.. or not one at all?

Also some of them seem like a joke "Some people should not be allowed to reproduce. Amusing at first. Then you start to think of the laws required to enforce that it is a nightmare.

"Gay marriage should be forbidden." is loading the gun before cocking it. It isn't "what is your thoughts on gay marriage" it heavily leans one way and expects people to counter-balance it by disagreeing.

And they have a lot of questions about "morals" but no definition or discussion of what is moral.

Others are just offensive "An official language should be set, and immigrants should have to learn it.". What would be the mechanism required to enforce the "should HAVE" to part of that?

Plus it makes leaps from "It is human nature to prefer one's own race." to "Racial issues will never be resolved.". You can prefer your own race without being racist against another.


oh and the images.

I took it to mean that there shouldn't be a minimum wage at all, so I disagreed with it, because obviously a minimum wage is necessary or you basically end up with sweat shops or crap like company scrip.

About the reproducing one. There was actually a push here in the US for awhile to offer additional welfare incentives to women who got birth control implants, though it didn't last long. I secondhand know of a woman who had like 15 different kids from different baby daddies just to stay on welfare, all of which got taken away by social services or adopted by her family members, who got norplant just to get higher welfare payments, though she had it removed like a year later so that she could keep popping out babies to get more welfare. Basically that is what that stance is grounded in, preventing low income, single women from popping out baby after baby that they are unable to care for just to get welfare, babies which then get taken away by social services and end up in the foster system. You can't really enforce forced birth control on such women and it probably wouldn't be moral to do so, but offering welfare incentives for using birth control is not the worst idea in the world imo.