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Today I avenge something from troll 1 on Xbox one Yesterday he called me trash on Xbox messages and party chatted calling me trash in tekken 7 lobby , I'm a very strong player So skill don't matter, troll 1 thinks he's good , Well today I faced him again destroyed him several matches never won once against me today then trolls saying laggy , It wasn't laggy he just took my kindness in making him win few matches against me in tekken  because I wanted to help him but decided to be a toxic antogonist I had several toxic messages on PS4 though I got several aswell on Xbox but PS4 still most . I think Nintendo should not add messages and party chat because trolls have the power to exploit weak players and if the weak player can't back up and avenge against the troll the weaker player would lose his mentality I almost did but since I'm stronger That troll was easier. The other thing is that PS4 fighting games skillset is higher than Xbox while xbox is higher than switch but I noticed switch player trash talk less except blaz blue tag on switch having teen drama few toxics but not as bad as PS4 or Xbox One glad dragon ball fighter z on switch has no messages etcI hate bbtag switch they complain I win because of lag I'm like I pay 130 for internet you're lagging. no to messages and party on switch I think . If I had a kid I'll let him game on switch play fighting game without messages , Would ditch bbtag on switch since theirs toxic player exploiting bbtag it was early 2020  though heard bbtag switch kinda dead but message troll privelge is too much I've seen several friends quit from trolls harassing them through party chat

Cute and honest Sega Saturn fan, also noone should buy Sega grrrr, Sega for life.