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Eagle367 said:

The mystique of CDPR is gone. They are just another company at this point.

After Bioware and Bethesda lost it not too many years ago, I wonder which is the next big AAA team we need to be wary about getting into samey shenanigans.

Chazore said:
SvennoJ said:

Their image probably won't recover. How is Ubisoft's and EA's image nowadays? Sure, they'll still be able to sell millions of games. Good crack or back crack, most gamers just got to have the latest crack.

Pretty much the defacto to expect at this point.

Like with EGS exclusivity, it's hated at the start, people make their threats, but as soon as a year passes, gotta have that sweet crack, and they buy it (not me, because I've got the will to stick to my word). Same goes for recent 2077 reviews, ppl on Steam defending the broken mess, all because "I don't have any problems", or people with such a low IQ, that they enjoy the absolute bare basic mechanics of the game to let all the crap and dead AI pass.

I don't want to sound like the old man on the porch, but holy hell are the younger gens letting a shit ton of crap pass right through the gate, from MT's to early access to broken games and shoddy port jobs (especially on PC). This is mostly why I've been feeling jaded with gaming over the past 7 years, because it feels like it's been losing quality and innovation, all for faster delivery of broken messes and lesser content. 

Sadly, the big industry at large that should have condomned such pratices when it was time to do so never did and most of the big actors actually followed suit in such carnivorous pratices since they know that a baseline of the general consummer base prolly don't know or simply don't care about the issues at end. 

I mean, otherwise you wouldn't expect most AAA western publishers to be still racking in record breaking financial results. 

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