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dmillos said:

Hi @CaptainExplosion Great fun idea, here are some that come to mind, sorry if I repeat some of yours:

Peach: Holding out for a Hero-Bonnie Tyler

Little Mac: Eye of the Tiger-Survivor

Rosalina: Uptown Girl- Billy Joel

I'll keep thinking of more. This is fun.

I agree wholeheartedly with your choice for Little Mac. ^^

Wman1996 said:

Here are some I thought of

Donkey Kong: Tarzan Boy by Baltimora
Shulk: Take On Me by A-ha
Pac-Man: Pac-Man Fever by Buckner & Garcia
Hero: Holding Out for a Hero by Bonnie Tyler

I'd have picked Africa by Toto for Donkey Kong.

I never thought of Take On Me for Shulk. Good choice. :)

JWeinCom said:

Wolf- Hungry Like Da Wolf (Duran Duran)
Jigglypuff- Sweet Dreams (Eurythmics)
Sonic- You Spin Me Right Round (Dead or Alive)
Mario- Jump (Van Halen)
Captain Falcon- Sharp Dressed Man (ZZ Top)
Ice Climbers- It Takes Two (Rob Base & D.J. E-Z Rock)
Zelda- Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic (Zelda)
Bayonetta- Superfreak (Rick James)

I agree on Zelda, Wolf, and Sonic, not so much on Captain Falcon. For Falcon I'd go with I Can't Drive 55 by Sammy Hagar.

PAOerfulone said:

Sonic - Beat It (Michael Jackson)
Bayonetta - Kiss (Prince)
Joker - Janie's Got A Gun (Aerosmith)
Isabelle - Sweet Child O' Mine (Guns N Roses)
Duck Hunt - Africa (Toto)
Cloud - Livin' On A Prayer (Bon Jovi)

For Joker I'd go with Partyman by Prince. Yes, I went there.

Why Africa by Toto for Duck Hunt? I don't recall it being a song about hunting.

For Diddy Kong, Tarzan Boy by Baltimora.

For King K. Rool, Hunger by Specter General.

For Kirby, also from Transformers The Movie, The Touch by Stan Bush.

For Meta Knight, A Shot in The Dark by Ozzy Osborne.

For King Dedede, I can't think of anything better than King For a Day by The Thompson Twins.

Last edited by CaptainExplosion - on 10 January 2021