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SilenceDeadly said:

Ps5 will outsell every Nintendo System ever released with the exception of DS, i know hard to digest here but get ready for some bad bad years for Nintendo Fanboys once Sony gets the Stock Right.

& yes it will Crush Wii U numbers by the end of 2021 which were pretty damn terrible.

Xbox? Well depends, Series will probably sell a tiny bit better than One but it´s not even a lock yet, Brand has been damaged beyond repair and they don´t have Franchises like Nintendo or Appeal to do a major comeback.

Nintendo has the IPs and the System to do gargantuous numbers, MS let Halo slip with 343 & Gears doesn´t do much in this day and age.

Sounds like you are misled by the combination of heightened demand during the holiday season and low supply. The PS5 has been selling ~400k per week leading up to Christmas, so it's not a surprise that demand outstripped supply. But it shouldn't take long for Sony to sort that out, going into a slow period for new game releases in combination with a high price for the console.

Aside from that, the PS5 will continually be compared to Switch and people already know that Switch's fourth year was notably higher than that of any PS console in history. If you want to be optimistic, you could count on 2025 being the time when people will first believe that the PS5 can outsell Switch, but that obviously requires a combination of beastly PS5 sales through 2024 and a significant decline of Switch sales starting soon, both being unlikely.

On topic: The PS5 will, but the XSX|S will fall short by a small amount.

Legend11 correctly predicted that GTA IV (360+PS3) would outsell SSBB. I was wrong.

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