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mjk45 said:
TalonMan said:

Yeah - I've been thinking on this, as the GameDB approval system is over 10yrs old at this point and could use a bit of a revamp. At the very least, we could implement a "reputation" type of system - somebody that's been on the site a long time, or has a large number of forum posts, or a high rate of comment approval, or some combination of these and others - allow people with high reputations the ability to approve their own updates, or even direct updates to the database and bypassing the queue system altogether...'s on my mind - just a lot on my plate at the moment.

would it be possible to create a log so those select people can update the database. but the admins can at a time convenient to them reference the log to look for those edits and take any further action if needed.

Probably. We already maintain the data of what's being updated by each user for the purpose of doling out the VG$, so it would just be a matter of creating the option for DBAdmin to review a specific user's updates...