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elazz said:
ClassicGamingWizzz said:

This is fans voting right? 2.5 million votes? Last of us keeps on winning. Loving it.

Yep exactly! Even on sites where the last of us didn't won most awards they would still usually be the runner up. This with juries or just people voting. Either way being 1 or 2 means it was one of the best games out of the 100s that released this year.

Personally out of all the games ive played Ghosts and The Last of Us 2 are the top 2.  They're too different to put one above the other though.

This was a great year for ps fans , my favourite is tlous 2 but ff7 was like a dream come true, it was amazing seeing my favourite game of all time remade with such love and care. I loved ghost but the story and characters didnt amaze me like the combat and the world.