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Zkuq said:
jlauro said:

What URL / domain are you getting that on?  I'm not seeing any certificate error.  I just verified the date of 5 different domain/subdomains that contain names that are good (and another 10 non production ones).  Perhaps you are using a deprecated domain alias?

Hmm, that's interesting. I'm still getting it on the main page:

My PC's time also seems to be correct, so it's not that either... It's a Let's Encrypt certificate which says it's valid from Sep 20 until Dec 19 (i.e. when I reported the problem). I can provide more details about the certificate if necessary, but I'm getting the same issue in both Chrome and Firefox, so there's definitely something wrong with the certificate.

tl;dr: Reboot (cold restart, not just sleep) your machine and that should flush all caches and fix it.

Longer answer: Can you tell what IP your machine is connecting to?  (You can try "netstat -an" at a shell/command prompt in most OS right after loading a page).  It should show  If it doesn't, but shows (the old server that is proxying connections to the new server) then that is the problem.  If you haven't restarted your browser in a few weeks, it might be holding onto the old ip.

Try ping and see which IP it is using.  If the old IP, try flushing your dns cache (different depending on OS).  Most browsers cache DNS outside of the OS, so you can't assume the browser is using the same IP and ping if it's been running awhile.