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jlauro said:
Zkuq said:

Might want to renew the SSL certificate so I don't get an error every time I visit the site. Obviously I can choose to ignore the error and everything works just fine, but it's not a great experience. A classic issue for sure!

What URL / domain are you getting that on?  I'm not seeing any certificate error.  I just verified the date of 5 different domain/subdomains that contain names that are good (and another 10 non production ones).  Perhaps you are using a deprecated domain alias?

Hmm, that's interesting. I'm still getting it on the main page:

My PC's time also seems to be correct, so it's not that either... It's a Let's Encrypt certificate which says it's valid from Sep 20 until Dec 19 (i.e. when I reported the problem). I can provide more details about the certificate if necessary, but I'm getting the same issue in both Chrome and Firefox, so there's definitely something wrong with the certificate.