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Kids get offended easily I don't say anything bad word or go personal but since I don't know how to react I go defend like a parentless because I'm grown and defend in a manner like saying I don't know how I broke their shield for them to say or go personal at me? then they retaliate I say how old are you? I meddiately feel I made it worser then others help me This happens in certain server not all discord servers but yeah, gaming is mostly for kids but adult still like playing games , I just don't know how to cope like the other adults in handling a kid ? I need help in that area, so far I hurt many kids then I hurt them worser I think then I say lets start over be friends, then it's feels hollow what start over .I know most adults don't correlate to gaming but I can't give up on gaming I know it's like being in a crowd with both adults and kids in person real life but behind the screen , people in the real don't put adults to hang with kids but I just don't like dealing with kids or their attitudes or getting easily offended I try catering to all but I myself feel I haven't grown either which is why I go on defensive in a nasty way?

Cute and honest Sega Saturn fan, also noone should buy Sega grrrr, Sega for life.