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Nintendo 3ds gets exclusive games from atlus like stella glow, etrian oddysey shin megami 5,

PS4 gets exclusives dengeki bunko, judgement , magical virtual on

I think it's time Microsoft gets exclusives too 

WHile both Nintendo and Sony dont pay anything for having Sega exclusives , How about Sega appoaches Microsoft the same way Platinum approached Microsoft in making scalebound ? Expet Sega finishes it andIt's developers don't make broken promise like Platinum , Microsoft pays large bag of cash for a Sega exclusive new IP either from Yakuza team or Atlus ? Those 2 don't fail on Metacritic sure thing to bring more love to Xbox and the reward can't be any greater than a big bag of cash in return unlike Shenmue 3 exclusivity but shenmue 4 can still continue being PS5 exclusive and shin megami and etrian odyssey still exclusive to nintendo , It would be like Xbox 360,Ps3,Wii days when each had their exclusive but noone payed? So why not an exclusive for Microsoft From say atlus make something similar to persona a new series and have it xbox and PC exclusive ? And Microsoft pays Sega more bags of cash Because it's the persona dev game but not Persona just a simila. Sega can make bank.

Cute and honest Sega Saturn fan, also noone should buy Sega grrrr, Sega for life.