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SvennoJ said:
shikamaru317 said:

I would hardly call them scumbags. Yes, they made some poor choices:

  • Deciding not to cancel base PS4 and XB1 versions when the systems clearly can't handle the game
  • Choosing to not show the base PS4 and XB1 versions before release
  • Holding back console reviews until after release
  • Deciding not to delay the game a 4th time, just so they could hit a Christmas release

However, look at all of the good CD Projekt does:

  • The only developer/publisher I know of that still puts goodies into a standard physical version, like the good old days when physical games had manuals and such in the case, before publishers decided to cut them to save 50 cents per copy (Cyberpunk standard edition includes a map, world compendium, postcards, stickers, digital soundtrack, digital art booklet, and digital cyberpunk 2020 sourcebook)
  • Cyberpunk is getting a wave of free DLC's in 2021, just like Witcher 3 got in 2015
  • Cyberpunk's upcoming multiplayer game will be free for everybody who bought Cyberpunk 2077
  • The game itself is still great, in spite of the bugs and performance issues
  • No singleplayer lootboxes
  • Now they have apologized (something that few AAA developers and publishers do when they make a mistake), are offering help to get refunds, and have made a commitment to patch the bugs and optimize the last gen console versions

To call them scumbags isn't really fair. They are still better than most of the big publishers like EA, Activision, Take-Two/2K, Ubisoft, Square Enix, and more.

Still the apologist?

Didn't RDR2 come with a map? I'm pretty sure it did.

A wave of free DLCs is pretty standard nowadays with games releasing incomplete.

The multiplayer that was initially supposed to be part of the game?

The game is good, yet far from finished, there are literally still place holders in the game.

No lootboxes, that's a plus now?

I wouldn't call that an apology, more like begging to pls give them a chance, we'll whip the dev team some more to get patches out asap. Otherwise try get a refund from your retailer first, if that doesn't work you can email us, only for a week, and we might do something. (no clue what)

Some poor choices, deliberately misleading their customer base, which they so respect, while mandating crunch upon crunch to get that lovely pre-order money in the bank.

They don't care about you, just your money, like every other company. But they'll manipulate you as much as possible into defending their every move no matter how bad.

Deciding not to cancel base PS4 and XB1 versions when the systems clearly can't handle the game

Are you for real? It was targeted for PS4 and XB1 and CDPR has specifically stated that, as well as that it would look great on ps4 and XBox One.
What CDPR has shown is that they clearly can't handle a project this size.

Can you name another game besides Fallout 4, RDR2, Witcher 3, and Cyberpunk that included anything in the case except maybe a PS+/XBL code in the last decade? I can't think of any. And CD Projekt even gives you the soundtrack for free, that usually costs you $20 or so for most games. I have listened to my free Witcher 3 soundtrack so many times over the last few years. 

Some games get free DLC, some don't. Few get as many as Witcher 3 got, 16 pieces of free DLC in the first year as I recall, ranging from questlines to alternate outfits for the main characters. And they have promised a similar free DLC campaign for Cyberpunk. 

The multiplayer being included with the base game was only ever rumored as far as I know. Besides, name me some other 100+ hour singleplayer games that also include free MP? I can only think of 1, RDR2. It's incredible value for $60, in an age where some games are increasing to $70, and where many games are like 20-30 hours or less for that price.

I haven't encountered any placeholders personally, everything seems done to me, based on my 20+ hours so far. Some bugs and glitches, but all minor, nothing that has impacted my enjoyment. 

How is no singleplayer lootboxes, in a world where many other publishers put them in their games, not a positive?

I definitely read it as an apology, and many others did as well, most of the most liked replies to their tweet were positive from what I saw.

PS4 and XB1 can't handle the game. I have one word for you, Jaguar. Red Engine is very CPU intensive in big cities, just look at Novigrad performance on Witcher 3, DF has used it as a PC CPU benchmark game for 5 years now, because Novigrad is very CPU intensive. And Cyberpunk's Night City is much larger and denser than Novigrad. I don't see this game ever hitting locked 30 fps on PS4/XB1 due to Jaguar CPU's, it will improve some on these patches, but the game should never have been targeted at PS4/XB1, especially after the delay from 2019 to 2020, which is why I said they made a mistake by not cancelling the current gen versions. Here is Novigrad framerate on Switch, which has an even weaker CPU than Jaguar:

Last edited by shikamaru317 - on 14 December 2020