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Leynos said:

I'd trade one of the console makers to have SEGA back. I won't say who as it would lead to flaming. I still love SEGA to death and still play my old SEGA games and consoles. I love games that remind me of old SEGA games. ARMS reminded me of Virtual On. Same with Gundam Vs. Thankfully we got a new Virtual On this past gen. I loved Xenoblade in general but X reminded me of Phantasy Star. If I even get a whiff of a SEGA vibe I will play it. I am loving SEGA bringing back some old IPs lately. When they dropped out of consoles no one replaced the hole left there. No one came close to their greatness. SEGA arcade games were the best. SEGA of Japan was mismanaged as hell. They tried to work with Sony for the Saturn but hey SOJ thought they could do it on their own. SEGA had the most creative game makers in the history of gaming in the 90s. No one was as unique as them.

They made a game about being a Taxi driver and putting out fires awesome. Name a soundtrack as unique as Jet Set Radio. Rent A Hero No 1 is an amazing game original or remake and stands on its own. SEGA put so many new original ideas into a game. Maybe they didn't always stick like their hologram arcade game but they tried. While Nintendo is still very Nintendo. Last few years they have been more SEGA like even if just a small bit with taking more risks on some new and interesting IPs. I am so in love with the Switch as it has so many games that remind me of the Saturn library and the SNES library. It feels like it captures both in a modern system. Much like how Xbox 360 in the early years felt like maybe a successor to DC in some small ways.

People need to know SEGA made gaming cool and SEGA of the 90s greatness should never be forgotten. Their rivalry with Nintendo while short was as glorious as WCW Nitro vs WWF Raw. It was short but more memorable than PS vs Xbox last 20 years y a country mile.

The one that killed them?.