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Mar1217 said:
shikamaru317 said:

At least it will be eligible for next year's Game Awards, just like Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order last year missed the cutoff point for the 2019 awards, and is nominated for Best Action-Adventure on the 2020 awards. It should have a good chance of winning 2021 GOTY if it reviews well, unless God of War Ragnarok actually makes 2021, but I doubt it will. Starfield could prove tough competition as well if it actually makes 2021, Bethesda has won many GOTY awards in the past, including Skyrim in 2011, when it was up against Zelda Skyward Sword, Arkham City, and Uncharted 3, all tough competition. 

Do we believe Bethesda will release a game that has only received a teaser trailer so far ?

Suffice to say with what we're getting from Japan's side next year in the first half already, next year might be a tougher competition than this year.

Though does it matter when the VGA have been increasingly dull recently due to formatting itself to something akin of an Hollywood Academy award ceremony ... with all it's defaults of course. 

Fallout 4 and Fallout 76 both released 5 months after their first trailer. So Starfield could get a gameplay trailer as late June 2021 and still release in November 2021. Bethesda likes short announce to release cycles. Starfield has 5 years of development already, more than any of their previous games, with their largest dev team ever. I definitely think a 2021 release with 6 years of development is likely for it.

JP games wise, not sure what is releasing next year that has western GOTY nomination potential. Maybe Resident Evil 8 (Res 2 Remake got a nomination on the 2019 awards), maybe Bayo 3 if it makes 2021 somehow. Maybe Monster Hunter Rise, MH World got a nomination in 2018. Maybe BOTW 2, if it makes 2021 somehow. Maybe Elden Ring, Sekiro got a nomination on the 2019 awards. 

But I do agree that Keighley's Game Awards have gotten quite boring recently, the show was so much better back in the Spike TV days when we had hosts like Jack Black (only the 2013 one sucked, sucked so bad that Spike dropped the show, forcing Keighley to create the new one). The award results on Keighley's show also seem increasingly suspect with each passing year. Probably not even going to watch the show this year, Cyberpunk releases the same day as the awards. Will just watch the announcement trailers later. 

Last edited by shikamaru317 - on 06 December 2020