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Dude what´s the deal with Miles Morales crashing on PS5?....I got the platinum trophy in Astro and have played around 25 hours in Demons Souls and not a single issue, yet while playing MM I had 2 hard crashes, same thing both times, game freezes and a few seconds later the console shuts itself down, I turn it back on, it says ´rebuilding database', system restarts and gives me the option to send a report to Sony.

Funny that both crashes were during a scene where Miles was just talking to someone, no action...before playing, I thought that if it crashed, it would be during a big fight when a lot was happening on screen at the same time or something, but no... and at least in my case it´s only this game that´s causing trouble.I´ve been playing games developed by Insomniac since the PS2 and had never had problems with their games until now.I hope they´re aware and trying to figure out what´s causing these crashes.