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Yeah the difference seems to be that there's a ton more PlayStation threads that get made, which bumps this one down the pile and sometimes even onto the second page, whereas when it comes to, say, XBOX, everything is posted in the megathread. Honestly I think both ways are fine, and as Replicant has already established, I really only took this on because I didn't want to see PlayStation lose yet another megathread (This is like the fourth or fifth now, right?) and we didn't have anyone volunteering to make it at the time.

Do I wish I had more time to put into the thread to bring it up to the same level as the XBOX one? Yes, yes I do. Am I still happy with how it's turned out regardless? Yes, yes I am. When I made it, I even stated in the OP that it'd be a community based thing rather than just one person (Myself) posting everything, and honestly you guys have all been awesome with posting news and stuff in here... also if you guys want new polls every week or so, feel free to submit ideas and I'll cook something up, otherwise I could just make a random poll every other week or so that will be related to PlayStation one way or another lol

Last edited by Bristow9091 - on 05 December 2020