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DonFerrari said:

I would say that for the Xbox Megathread that is more of a need since for PS we get plenty of threads, well at least Xbox get a lot of reports on the interviews of their top brass.

It's true that PS gets more individual threads instead. Problem is that many of those are (or quickly will be) filled with fanboy war stuff which isn't what many users seek when visiting VGC. Especially tiring are those threads where fanboy fuel clearly is the OP's sole intention (no matter if it's a PS fan smearing the competition or an XB/Nintendo fan smearing PS).

In the weeks leading up to PS5 launch this thread was one of the most active on the site. But these megathreads quickly become wastelands if they don't have an active OP. I've seen many casual PS users leave this site but maybe some will return if we have an active megathread without all the fanboy war nonsense.