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Lets start with sources. Sources explaining this, and sources showing that people are trying to sue.
Also your thesis asks two different questions. Clearly they knew it was wrong. The inability to do it on your account and thus need to pay to use another is evidence of that.

I don't know about immoral. But you are paying money to a third party to get access to a service you have no current right to.

I also don't know where you get "accounts suspended without a due date," when the first thing I click says "the next two months".

  • Deadliest mass shooting by an individual in US history (10/01/2017)
  • Deadliest high school shooting in US history (02/14/2018)
  • Deadliest massacre of Jews in US history (10/27/2018)
  • Political assassination attempt of TWO former presidents(and 10+ other people)  (10/23/2018 - and beyond)