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Pemalite said:
Zoombael said:

Where did the world give him a chance? Were you high on scorpion venom? Trump was never given a chance from before the get go. Russian collusion scheme, a solid MSM anti-Trump front, social media and the public non stop ridiculing and chastising him. See all the threads in whatever forum. What about Bidens racist remark? Nothing. But Michelle Obama brining up the Charlottesville lie, or the Proud Boys lie and you're all over it. F'ing hypocrites.

And you want to tell me he was given a chance? Are you f'ing sh'ing me? What would it have looked like if the world would not have given him a chance? Grabing him at inaugeration day and throw him into a woodchipper?

And despite all this no land slide victory for Biden. O my... and maybe even voter fraud?

Did i LoL when the phone was hung up...

Trump was made president. That was his chance.
He was the most powerful man in the world, he was the man up top, he could have made the damn changes.
Absolutely no excuse for the shit job he did and the long list of failed mandates and the endless lies.

I am very right-wing/conservative when it comes to border control, most Australians are, yet he even failed on that front.

The mainstream media conspiracy is just bullshit, Murdoch empire is mainstream media and fully supported trump from the get go.

There is no evidence of voter fraud, it's going to get thrown out and laughed at.

And yes Biden should be brought up on racist commentary, Michelle Obama was never president.
The Proud Boys are just an extremist group and should be shut down entirely.

Even Attorney General William Barr agree's with that.
Theres simply no evidence of voter fraud, or anywhere near to the degree that it would change the election.

AG Barr, is "trumps" guy,.... he willingly lies/bends truth, and does whatever trump wants.
Seems even he cant in good conscience, claim otherwise.

its time for trump to put on the "big boys" pants, and amit to him loseing the election.
Even the wording he choose... that was probably just to save face.

"no evidence of fraud, to a degree that it would change anything"  (paraphraseing)

If they actually found proof of any fraud, you bet your arse they would be yelling about it, and trump would be tweeting it.
The fact they cant prove anything, just shows its just Trumps ego, that cant accept he lost.

Last edited by JRPGfan - on 01 December 2020