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COKTOE said:
- I went into the store while logged-into the app. I found the PS+ icon, tapped it, and was required to login again. Not sure if this will be the new norm, but I definitely didn't have to login twice to claim games in the past.

- I'm not going to get too much into the app, but as I mentioned, I literally had to take an extra step that didn't have to in the past in order to claim my game. Regarding the inability to "add to library", yes, after approximately 5-6 months where one, or sometimes both games could not be added, it has reverted back to the way it always was.

Bold: Me neither and I'm still not required to log in twice. You sure you haven't accidentally enabled "Require Password at Checkout"?

COKTOE said:
Sorry if my post is half assed or weird. I had 3 hours of sleep after 22 hours awake. Just spelling is kinda tough right now. :)

I've noticed and I'm pissed.