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twintail said:
DonFerrari said:

Sony Said Cross save is up tô devs. Don't know If they can fix It. But since the Studio was closed I don't think Sony Will patch this game for Cross. Perhaps If tô many people complain about lack of Cross save on several games Sony may correct this limitation. See Yakuza 7 you can Cross save on Xbox but not on PS, and sega don't Care.

BasilZero said:

Damn, that is quite a shame.

I'm chiming in here because I think this is wrong. Cross-save is a feature for a game that is designed for 2 platforms. So LBP3 on PS3/ PS4 or PS All Stars for PS3/ Vita. 

In these situations, each platform has its own version of the game. DriveClub is not getting a PS5 'version': it's just the PS4 game being played on the PS5, so your save file will transfer as long as you have it.

Yakuza 7's situation is just straight up dumb. I wonder if MS paid for cross-save functionality because tons of other developers are not having cross-save issues (but I am not claiming they are, just seems strange to me)

Yakuza 7 on PS4/ PS5 are  two different versions of the game. Yes, you can play Y7 PS4 on your PS5, but the PS5 update will make it more like a PS5 game. This requires the cross-save functionality for your save to transfer.

Even games that are only BC the save transfer isn't sure thing. Sony left it to each dev to decide, I think it should be always available, but who knows what Sony made on the code.

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