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Bristow9091 said:
shikamaru317 said:

Actually I seem to recall reading like a year or 2 ago that they had 2 projects in development after they finished Shadow of the Colossus. They also released a poem for Christmas last year that seemed to tease that they were working on both MGS and Demon's Souls remasters, with the line "In stealthily wrapped boxes" being a tease for MGS and the line "Hope for adventure and victory spread" being a tease for Demon's Souls. 

Oh snap I remember that! Fingers crossed :o 

While it is certainly possible that both of these games are in the works, given Kojima's hints that he is doing a horror game next, as well as Bluepoint's poem MGS hint last year, the part of this leak that scream fake is the supposed 2021 release for both games. Sony 2021 is already super stacked (6 AAA exclusives plus 2 noteworthy AA exclusives), if they stuff any more big exclusives into one year they really run the risk of hurting their own software sales, people can only afford but so many $70 games in one year afterall. Also Bluepoint is kind of small, 90ish devs I think, I would be shocked if they could release Demon's Souls and MGS remakes with only 1 year between. Kojima is also kind of slow, took him 4.5 years to make Death Stranding, I would be shocked if he could revive Silent Hills in just 2 years (maybe if he literally just picked up where he left off back in 2015, assuming Konami saved all of the work he already had done, though I suspect that Kojima would want to start fresh on Decima engine building from the ground up for PS5, instead of reusing old PS4 Fox engine assets that are 6 years out of date). 

Last edited by shikamaru317 - on 29 November 2020