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Depends on the feedback.
I don't have much instead of the borderland games.Borderlands 3 apparently has a better performance on the next-gen (when do they become current-gen?) systems.

Still not sold.

Then I read about how it is using the dual sense. "charging weapons the trigger will increase resistance as you pull the trigger so you have to pull harder "or "DualSense will actually change colour depending on the element of the gun you're using."

So it's on my list. I have a lot of games so I never got it - but I'm interested.

A touch-pad for scratch tickets in Rayman is neat, but so little done not impressive.  There is not much you can do with a touchpad. Plus it isn't a natural part of the controller so there is no way to implement into your game plan.

If the XSX/PS5 are "even" then the dual sense can easily be a tie breaker.  And if that helps sells more games and consoles Sony will notice, and I bet developers will notice.

GTA 5 didn't need any help selling but they still added little things like "changing colors" when the siren is on for the ps4.

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