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Bristow9091 said:
Oh so you MUST have a PS5 to play the PS4 Collection games... interesting :o Oh well, I've literally got every game on the list already anyway lol :P

Yeah, it's a weird choice considering they're perfectly playable on PS4 after you've added them.

COKTOE said:
1: Now, the way it used to work with cross-platform is that if you claimed 1 version, say, Titan Attacks! on Vita, you would automatically have the other version(s) on PS4 and sometimes on PS3. This worked on the console, mobile, or PC. With Bugsnax, I had to claim the PS5 version to get the PS4 version, AND I could not do so via the PS4, only on mobile.

2: So, as has been the case all too many times recently, a Playstation service has regressed in some aspect, and offered it's customers a product that is inferior to it's previous iteration, for the same amount of money. It's still doable, just more of a convoluted hassle.

1: Bugsnax was an exception as it was announced to be only the PS5 version specifically. Did you manage to also get the PS4 version anyway? No wonder it was a hassle if you did because that wasn't intended. You PS4 mofos got both Shadow of War and Hollow Knight. Leave some Bugsnax for the rest of us!

2: Nah, on the contrary, things have improved. On PS5 as well as on the new mobile app and browser based store, it's easier than ever to just add PS Plus games to your library without having to go through hoops to claim it. On PS4, some games could only be claimed if you pressed install. You could of course just cancel it right away but that was a hassle compared to how it is now. I remember you talking about this.

You'll see it for yourself when December's PS Plus games are out this Tuesday. Unlike Bugsnax, Worms Rumble is indeed the PS5+PS4 cross buy version so when you add it to your library, it'll show up on both consoles.