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TomaTito said:
BasilZero said:

Do the Nintendo Switch Online codes that come with Switch purchases have a expiration date as in do you need to redeem it before a certain date?

I believe it is two years since the launch of the title.

EDIT: Sorry, I misread the post, thought you were talking about the coin rewards with games.
Not sure how long the Switch Codes last for? They might last until the eShop service is active.'t%20expire,still%20be%20available%20for%20purchase.

EDIT3: I believe this guy got a similar answer

Lmao , love how you posted my thread on ERA for the same question.

Thanks! Yeah it doesnt show any expiration - I just wanna finish my run of Super Mario Odyssey before I redeem the code so I can take advantage of the NSO NES and SNES games.


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