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Unguessed after five hints

Yeah, of course Rock Band is still on my list! This year it's the third one, and it's made it pretty high. Why the change? Well, it's simple. I brought it back by buying some used PS3 instruments. There's been quite a few Rock Band nights with the family this year, and playing the game with custom songs has made everything a lot more fun as the library can get quite ridiculous. I even put a song of mine on the thing! I tried out a few of these games again this year and it was pretty clear to see how Rock Band 3 outshines its predecessors, putting to bed my nostalgia for the second game. This is by far the best plastic instrument game and I don't think it'll be topped. Now the only question is, will I ever get 100% on Green Grass and High Tides?

Probably not. But I'm okay with that, I think.

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