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Please tell me this is a hoax. No game developer in their right mind would ever sell to the foundation of a repressive shit stain like the Saudi crown prince. -_-

Here's an excerpt from Game Industry:

"The Mohammad bin Salman Charity Foundation is set to take a controlling stake in Japanese games firm SNK.

The not-for-profit organisation has invested around 813 million riyals ($223 million) in SNK, which gives it a 33.3% stake in the company, valuing the company at $669 million.

Reports of the deal have emerged in the last 24 hours, but now the foundation's official site confirms the details.

The investment itself was made through a wholly-owned subsidiary, referred to as the 'Electronic Games Development Company.' The two companies have previously worked together on the development of games, and training programs that saw young Saudis visiting Japan.

The agreement stipulates that the foundation will buy a further 17.7% of SNK's shares in future, granting it 51% ownership of the company.

As the name suggests, the Mohammad bin Salman Charity Foundation was established by Saudi Arabia's crown prince Mohammad bin Salman. Its stated goal is to invest in initiatives that will help "cultivate and encourage learning and leadership in youth for a better future in Saudi Arabia."

At the time of writing, SNK Corp's share price on KOSDAQ has surged as word of the deal spread on internet forums and social media. It rose 30% to 16,500 Korean won ($14.93).

However, the investment is likely to spark controversy, given past allegations against the nation and its leader."

SNK is now dead to me for selling so much to the nation that caused 9/11 and got away Scot free with it.