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686 (games + DLC/Season passes)

Mostly games due to bundles from Humble, Indie, Fanatical and giveaways through Steam, EGS, etc.

Though I did get a fair share of console games mainly PS4 and Switch (and 3DS).

All discounted - never full price.

Number of 3DS Games: 13
Total Cost of 3DS Games: $169

Number of Switch Games: 22
Total Cost of Switch Games: $777

Number of PS3 Games: 1
Total Cost of PS3 Games: $10

Number of PS4 Games: 33
Total Cost of PS4 Games: $288.50

Number of iOS Games: 1
Total Cost of iOS Games: $7

Number of EGS Games: 89
Total Cost of EGS Games: $0

Number of Uplay Games: 3
Total Cost of Uplay Games: $0

Number of Bethesda Launcher Games: 1
Total Cost of Bethesda Launcher Games: $0

Number of Windows Store Games: 5
Total Cost of Windows Store Games: $81

Number of GOG Games: 33
Total Cost of GOG Games: $6

Number of Steam Games: 485
Total Cost of Steam Games: $1,094.50

This year's the most I've spent on gaming (non-hardware wise) and the most number of games I bought in the last 10 years.

2020: 686

2019: 512

2018: 646

2017: 363

2016: 316

2015: 447

2014: 263

2013: 183

2012: 37

2011: 6


Edit: I'm planning to buy 4 more Switch games tomorrow - Fire Emblem 1 port which comes out next month and whatever is available as bundles on Humble, Fanatical, IndieGala.

Then whatever is super cheap that I want off my wishlist on the Steam Winter Sale.

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