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Well, Xbox One sold 7.9m in 2014, and so far Xbox Series demand is far outstripping Xbox One demand (Xbox One was findable on store shelves on Black Friday week in 2013, XSS and XSX are sold out just about everywhere this week by comparison, even in most smaller markets for Xbox). MS has even said that it may take until March or April for initial demand to be met.

Bearing the above in mind, as well as the fact that Xbox will have a $300 option (Series S) available throughout all of 2021 as opposed to XB1 being $400 at the lowest for only half of 2014, and the fact that 2021 has a mainline Halo and maybe even Starfield as an Xbox console exclusive, I’m going to guess sales will be in at least the 10-12.5m range on the poll, maybe even 12.5-15m range.