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Mnementh said:
TomaTito said:

Let's bet VG$3,333.33 since we are three years in.

EDIT: Darn it, we can only bet 1k!

VGC has some safety against people betting their life... in virtual website currency?

I assume it's more the other way around, to prevent people from making too much money. Otherwise somebody could make a ridiculously easy to call bet and just put all their money on it.

Anyways, my money is on the Switch. It's the smart bet. I don't give Xbox a chance of being top selling console for a single year, and PS5 will likely have some supply issues, plus the library just isn't there yet. Not to mention it's still expensive and is effectively still competing with the PS4. The Switch is established and doing well and regardless of what anybody says won't be falling off a cliff next year.