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We are excited and proud to announce that now, in addition to playing MechWarrior 5 Mercenaries on PC, it will also be available on the XBox Series X|S and XBox One. This will be the first MechWarrior title on a console since 2004's MechAssault 2, and in our opinion, the first true MechWarrior experience ever on a console.

Spring 2021.

This is cool but honestly, I kind of wish Microsoft would stop licensing out FASA IP (IIRC Jordan Weisman has exclusive licensing to Shadowrun and Crimson Skies, while Piranha has exclusive licensing to MechWarrior) and instead bring them under XGP.

Reason being, Microsoft firstly gets more control, they can guarantee Xbox release alongside PC, also licensing takes away any effort on Microsoft's part and just leaves it up to the developer to fund it, I would instead like to see Microsoft invest in the IP themselves (Piranha and Jordan can keep exclusive rights but I just want Xbox to get more involved in funding).