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derpysquirtle64 said:
ironmanDX said:

Well, guess I'm waiting for that patch before I pick the game up then. Still have to finish Doom, Doom eternal, Forza 7 and Cyberpunk. I got time.

Speaking of Doom Eternal, anyone pick up the Old Gods DLC? How was it? Thinking about getting the season pass even before I start the campaign.

I've beaten it. It's really hard. Prepare for some real challenge. It is way harder than the base game and a true test of skill.

The difficulty doesn't really concern me. I got all of the achievements on Doom and Doom 2 on console. Up to and including punching out a cyberdemon, I got it.

I want to know if it's good. Thinking about holding out until part 2 comes out as well as the Series X enhancement patch.