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vivster said:

Spambots that spam my wall and DMs every single day.

DMs now too?

Me and Talon were discussing this, we're thinking about restricting it so Moderators have to approve any new users first comment (anywhere), a light version of verification, I don't know when this would be implemented but yeah, we don't know what else to do, sorry for the annoyance, I banned like 20 of those fuckers in a few days a month back (before the delete option was locked to head mod).

I wish I knew the connection why it only targets a certain group of users.

Jpcc86 said:

But the most annoying is that I cant change my name. I put jpcc86 thinking I'll change it later - because thats an obvious feature every forum has that we should all take for granted - And no, its not so obvious after all. 

Trucks will change your name if you ask him nicely.

Random_Matt said:

My notification don't link to the articles I comment in. You just get directed to the home page.

Should be fixed now.