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Chazore said:

Let's be real here, was a PC game like Alyx ever, and I mean ever going to win anything, let alone GOTY?.

It wasn't, it never would and never will, because these award shindigs are always stacked for either Sony and sometimes Nintendo or some rando third party game that just happens to hail from the land of the Rising Sun.

I always had an inkling that TLOU2 was going to win, just like how I have that same feeling a Sony game is going to win the GOTY on this very site, because it happens practically every year and nowt changes, because of how it's stacked.

Also, Death Stranding PC GOTY: ayyy L M A O. 

What you mean "on this site"? The staff or the users?

Regardless, this site has always been Nintendo land, do Sony games really win got here every year? Can you please show it to me as I find it extremely hard to believe.

Actually I recall something completely different, specially user related.