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JWeinCom said:

GSA has officially given Biden access to transition resources. Michigan and GA have both certified their votes. Wisconsin and/or Arizona makes it... even more official than it already essentially is.

Rab said:

Put Bernie or AOC incharge of prosecution and you won't see them being squeamish, they will rightly Speak truth to power and make those in power answerable for any crimes without compromise or favour for the sake of those that have no power

There are many examples of AOC putting the fire to the feet of very powerful groups and individuals 

Nah man. They're not prosecutors. It's a particular skillset that as much as I like Bernie and AOC they don't have. I would like it ideally to be someone perceived as politically neutral. If and when they go after Trump it will be fair and by the book.

AOC and Bernie are some the most honest people in politics, it's what they are known for, fair and by the book, that's them to a tee