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Late to the party but I would say the SeX has met my expectations. Thus far I've only played Doom 2016, Forza 7 and Apex legends. Only Apex is optimised for SeX. I game a lot on my 1440p 144hz screen with VRR so that is awesome to experience. Thankfully all of those features are there for me.
Doom 2016 was dynamic 4k on x1x so when I'm playing it on my TV, I'm glad the series X is hitting full 4k all the time. Eternal is variable to 1800p and I'll be playing that next thanks to gamepass.

Quick resume is game changing. SSD load times are excellent. If Halo Infinite launched day one and had all the ray tracing bells and whistles I'm sure it will have when it releases, it would have surpassed expectations. Lack of a true next generation experience is what made me decide on "met expectations"

I expect once SDK XGK HBK whatever it's called issues are fixed, my expectations will be exceeded time and time again as the generation goes on.