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Yea in 2019 I would've said it'll be difficult for the Switch to outsell the PS4 since PS consoles usually have longer legs that I didn't think the Switch could overcome. But now in 2020 where the Switch may have a 30M year in it's 4th year, it makes me believe that the Switch will now outsell the PS4 since even if the Switch begins to decline in 2021, it would've taken a long while for sales to completely die off. With a late peak that ensures a longer and healthier lifetime of sales for the Switch. I still think it'll be close but I would now say it's more likely than not we see the Switch outsell the PS4. As sales of 120-140M is becoming increasingly likely. Also, let's say Switch sales from here on out drop off a cliff like the Wii, the Switch would still sell 132M units in it's lifetime, and that's sort of a lowball prediction to say it'll drop off a cliff like the Wii which died fairly quickly. So 140M is becoming more likely.