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Its interesting after reflection on the Trump Presidency that we have not had someone like him in such a long time. If I am to gauged how his presidency has gone and how big a following he has not to mentioned a huge voter turn out, you have to wonder how many will try to use the same formula. Its going to be very interesting to see how the US politically will be going forward. Trump could be the new pioneer for a new Republican party meaning his legacy could continue producing imitators looking to capitalize on this weakness within the Dems and strength within the populist type Trump movement. Its that feeling that he is out for the working man and against the elites (yes I know it was a myth but a myth that a lot of his voters believe he was championing). Populism hasn't been a thing in the US for a long time but I can definitely see it becoming a mainstay definitely going into 2024 as others and maybe even Trump might look to strike gold twice. The thing about movements of this sort is that its hard to keep the sizzle going. I believe 2024 will be every more interesting politically then 2020.