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Hiku said:
Machiavellian said:

You basically make a martyr of him if you throw him in jail.  You would basically fuel a large segment that he was witched hunted for for what he has done instead of just showing how baseless his attacks are.  An ex president in jail does not solve anything and it would not suddenly make the people who follow him suddenly drop him. 

Right, but it wouldn't be about convincing his cult following. It's about preventing future presidents from trying to pull the same stunt, since it would have no legal consequences.

Yeah but the things Trump would be tried for has nothing to do with him as President.  What I mean by that is that the things he has done in the past like the Tax evasion are things he did as a private citizen.  The things he has done as President, a lot of Americans do not view it the same as Dems and liberals.  I know this because I have a huge amount of conservative people I know and how they view the President is totally opposite and I am not even talking about the Religious Right either.  Putting the President in Jail would not stop anyone else leading a platform like him because 73 million votes says it works or to a degree.  Instead if the only thing you get him on is tax evasion then that would just be something linked more to his personal issues then how he gain the President seat.  There are many people waiting to take his place.  They will talk about America first, hug the flag and throw all the right patriot signals.  They will villianfy immigrants, other races and basically run with the same platform as the President because there is a large amount of voting people who love that stuff.  There are much smarter manipulators out their then Trump and they cannot wait to get their chance.  It probably would feel more fake with them because its hard to get that 3rd grade grammar and speech which seems to make his base feel he is one of them but their isn't any shortage of good actors out there that will not give it the college try.