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About DF and SDK stuff. I wouldn't be surprised if PS5 will always take tech win in comparison throughout the gen as it does right now. Microsoft's new SDK from what I understand allows devs to port games from PC to Xbox with ease, but of course this method will probably negatively impact the optimization because not many developers will take their time to optimize the games to get the best possible graphics and performance on Xbox if they can just take an easy route to make it work by putting PC version with some settings there. I believe that in some cases (like, Bright Memory for example which already uses this new SDK and as a result can't run on Xbox One consoles), you even have the same PC settings and toggles in Xbox version of the game because it's simply the PC game running on Xbox.

But, having said all that, I wouldn't really worry about Xbox not having the advantage over PS5 in these comparisons. Series X seems to be running games fine enough, at least for now. I hardly can find anything to complain about from technical perspective, so this is fine. If this helps to bring more games to the platform at the expense of worse looking multiplats compared to PS5, I'm all for it. I just hope that devs won't be as lazy as Bright Memory devs who didn't even optimize the control scheme for Xbox port.