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eva01beserk said:
shikamaru317 said:

Never said it was a good thing, but it is commonplace in the industry for 3rd party devs to make up bs praise for either MS or Sony depending on who has marketing rights on their game. 

If that's the case why are you so quick to belive them when they claim a patch will fix everuthing soon? 

Personally, I don't think one patch will fix everything, though I hope to be proven wrong. If the Game Core dev tools are still incomplete, and if the dev kits did go out late, it will probably take at least another month of optimization to get Series X caught up to PS5 on the 120hz mode, because the gap is quite significant now on that mode. But maybe they have gotten more optimization done in the last 12 days than I would have thought possible, and this upcoming patch will fix all of the performance issues. That is why I'm interested to see the DF test on the new patch, to see just how much this patch closes the gap between Series X and PS5, if it closes it at all.