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A quick update.

The following have now been dealt with:

  • The 'Add comment to wall post' bug has been fixed.
  • Dark Theme Quick Reply inconsistency resolved.
  • Twitter embeds in articles have been fixed.
  • Supporter bug fixed.
  • Automatic quote tree pruning has been re-instated.
  • Buddy cleaned up ('disabled the row highlight, brought the link underline back, and made the pointer cursor when hovering over a link').
  • On game pages, the Shipping Total box was sometimes incorrectly positioned, this is now no longer the case.
  • Fixed an issue where some sales chart stories were also appearing in the central column on the front page.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing some users to not be directed to the https version of the site.

Almost half of everything on our bug and redesign related issues list, so there's more still to be done, but it's satisfying to see the list shrink substantially!

Last edited by Machina - on 22 November 2020