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For poll question: below expectations. I'm not trying to troll with YUGE expectations either.

1.) For starters, there is something to be said about the sameness of the controller (to an extent). For the company that roared out of the gate with haptic feedback/HD rumble before it was cool, it is weird how much of a missed opportunity it was to not rival the Dualsense here. It doesn't necessarily need the other gimmicks as much; that said, you gotta admit it's tough to convince the general audience that these updates are worth it for another $69. I give them props for the sandpaper-y texture to it, the solid d-pad choice, and so on. Although it's minor, I'm really not a fan of the shrunken size. I can just tell my thumbs are closer together when making specific moves, and that's something I've never liked with PS's symmetrical analog sticks.

2.) In regards to convenience: I've had to jump through strange hoops just to get wifi working. Never had that kind of experience with Xbox One, PS4, PS5, etc. etc.

3.) With the same, comfortable UI still comes annoyances I've with Xbox One's for years. I understand and appreciate their focus on universalizing Xbox as one cohesive thing, but you do wonder what new wrinkles they *could* do to it while maintaining compatibility.

4.) I know they're locked-in to making a cross-gen family at the beginning, but it's still deflating when considering the effort put forth to Xbox One's launch (even though many exclusives were disappointing).